Scythians. Warriors of Ancient Siberia

British Museum, 14 September 2017 - 14 January 2018

Some of the most exciting treasures in the Hermitage are the many Scythian artefacts discovered by chance and by excavation. These nomadic warriors inhabited the area that is now southern Siberia from about 900 BC to 200 BC, roaming the vast territories that stretched from southern Russia to China and the northern Black Sea.

It gets five stars from The Guardian. Read the review here.

This exhibition tells the tale of these exceptional horsemen and warriors, feared adversaries and neighbours of the Ancient Greeks, Assyrians and Persians. It provides great stuff for adults and children alike, with glorious gold and enthralling archaeology. Everyday objects (not least a bag containing lumps of cheese), horse caparison, weapons, tattooed human remains and of course some Scythian bling, their glorious gold jewellery, you name it, the exhibition has it. And most of the objects have never travelled outside the Hermitage before.


 For more information see: British Museum (with some great educational material on the website)


Special tour to complement the exhibition:

The exhibition is on 14 September to 14 January and it includes a wealth of items from the Hermitage. But the collection is so rich that even more will still be on display in St Petersburg. We are offering an amazing opportunity to visit the museum and see these as well as other treasures with behind the scenes visits, all at a time when the Hermitage is at its best, without the summer tourists.

Come and visit it with us! We are running two tours focusing particularly on the Scythians in November. Each comprises 6 days in the museum and the city, from 12 – 18 November and from 19 to 25 November. Get a full itinerary from the Hermitage Foundation UK. And sign up!
Cost: £3,200 per visitor, or £2,750 if you handle your own air tickets and visas.

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