2018 April: Gala Dinner


Wednesday 25 April 2018 at 7.15 pm

The Raphael Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

This year’s Hermitage Foundation Gala Banquet took place at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It opened with a Champagne reception in The Dome, under Dale Chihuly’s extraordinary central glass sculpture, followed by dinner in The Raphael Gallery surrounded by seven of the large tapestry cartoons painted by Raphael, commissioned in 1515 by Pope Leo X.

The tapestries were to hang on the walls of the Sistine Chapel, below the ceiling by Raphael’s contemporary and rival Michelangelo. They are still hung on special occasions today. Acquired by Charles I, the cartoons  are on loan to the museum from Her Majesty the Queen.

Hosted by Prof. Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage Museum, and James Dawnay, Chairman of The Hermitage Foundation, the Gala concentrated on the contemporary. Anish Kapoor was mong the guests of honour and young Russian artists entertained diners  with their performance works. The lavish banquet was followed by an auction of donated works of art, including works by Anselm Kiefer, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Robert Wilson, Steven McCurry and the Russian performance artists.

All proceeds from the evening go to The Hermitage 20/21 Project, which spearheads the museum’s attention to contemporary art while also seeking to build a representative holding of twentieth-century Western art, neglected during the Soviet period. Proceeds from previous Galas have supported important exhibitions at the Hermitage, including Antony Gormley, the Chapman Brothers, Henry Moore, Zaha Hadid, Tony Cragg and Francis Bacon.


2018 April: Friends' Events

Father and Son: Two Very Different Monarchs, Two Fabulous Shows!


Charles I: King and Collector - Friday 6 April at 9.00

Curator Led tour with Desmond Shawe-Taylor, Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures

Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly, London

Charles I amassed one of the most extraordinary art collections of his age, acquiring works by some of the finest artists of the past - Titian, Mantegna, Holbein, Dürer - and commissioning leading art from contemporary artists such as van Dyck and Rubens. Following the King's execution in 1649, his collection was sold off and scattered across Europe; Charles I: King and Collector reunites the greatest masterpieces for the first time.  It includes some 150 works of art, ranging from Classical sculptures to Baroque paintings and includes exquisite miniatures and monumental tapestries.  At this exhibition these works were  reunited for the first time since the 17th century.  

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Charles II: Art & Power – Wednesday 11 April from 18.30 to 19.30

               Evening tour, followed by a glass of wine - tickets £35 pp

Private Evening Tour with Desmond Shawe-Taylor, Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London

In 1660, after a decade of Cromwellian rule, the restoration of the monarchy led to a resurgence of the arts in England.  Charles II ordered new royal regalia and Crown Jewels to replace those sold off or melted down - an intricate silver-gilt mace almost 1.4 metres in length is among a number of pieces made for the King's 1661 coronation.  The court became the centre for the patronage of leading artists and the collecting of great works of art.
Charles II: Art & Power includes over 220 paintings, drawings, books and works of art from The Royal Collection.  It includes John Michael Wright's monumental portrait and a glittering silver-gilt plate which adorned the high-altar of Westminster Abbey during the King's coronation, to old master paintings, tapestries and spectacular silver-gilt furniture, the exhibition shows the rich material of Charles II's court and the role of the arts in the re-establishment of the Stuart monarchy.

Tickets £35 
Includes tour with Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures followed by glass of wine

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2018 February: Cezanne's Portraits private view

Private Curator-led Tour 7 February 2018, 9.00-10.00 

Cézanne's Portraits

National Portrait Gallery, St Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE

The first exhibition ever devoted entirely to portraits by Cézanne, one of the most influential artists of the nineteenth century, bringing together fifty paintings from collections across the world. The artist's unique approach influenced the Cubists, Fauvists and successive generations of avant-garde artists. Both Matisse and Picasso described him as 'the father of us all'.

Paul Cézanne, Self-portrait, 1872, The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

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