Iranian Bronzes of the 14th-18th centuries from the Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum is preparing an English language edition of the complete catalogue of the museum’s holding of Iranian bronzes of the 14th to the 18th centuries. It is written by Anatoly Alexeevich Ivanov, a specialist of world reputation.

The catalogue is the result of many years of research on the Hermitage’s collection of 165 bronzes, the largest museum collection in the world. A few of the items made in Khorasan province , between the late 14th and early 16th century, are inlaid with gold and silver; these were clearly made for court use. The remaining items in the Hermitage collection were used by middle-class residents of Iranian cities.

These items are decorated with quotations from the work of famous Persian poets of the 14th to 17th century: Sa’adi, Hafez of Shiraz, Khosravi Dehlavi, Jami, Qasem-e Anvar of Tabriz and others. These inscriptions allow us to evaluate the interest in literature of both craftsmen and those who commissioned their wares. The Hermitage collection has 21 wares that are precisely dated and five with the signatures of the craftsmen.

The UK Hermitage Foundation is appealing to individuals and companies for the £40,000 ($53,000) required to publish this important catalogue.   


Sponsor’s Benefits:


  • Each copy will carry an acknowledgement to the sponsor or sponsors on the imprint page – or name both on the imprint page and the back cover
  • An association with all the publicity and events surrounding both the launch of the catalogue and continuing acknowledgement of support of the Hermitage on its website
  • The sponsor(s) will receive 15 complimentary copies for clients/ friends and unlimited copies at cost
  • The opportunity to contribute an introductory essay, underlining the sponsor’s commitment to Persian art and Islamic culture


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